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Day 27

Smear the points into all their colors, striations, streaks, and nebulae.
There you have it. Stars. Swirling endlessly, timelessly above.

In the broken branch one might see the rot, but the roots;
the roots dig in, stay firm. We won’t fall yet.

Silence is a pain only the lonely understand,
yet silence is bliss, which only the lonely crave.

If she was angry about the beginning, maybe
she’ll be angrier at the end, but we won’t know.

Not until it strikes. Would we withstand the wind?
Or fail at the roots, give up the ground, fall with a mighty

and resounding crash. But among stars, this tree in the forest
makes no sound. Not because there is no one to hear,

but because the heartbeat of a star, of a nebula,
lasts a million lifetimes. The light pulse of a super nova,

would not reach human eyes for millennia. Where would we be?
and in that grand scheme, what does it matter anyway?


Wow I got way behind this time didn’t I? Oops, oh well, I wrote a poem today and thought I’d share it. Inspired by scrolling Tumblr during a storm.


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Days 5 and 6

Day 5 — The Storm

There is fear in the flood, and though we perceive
strobe and drum roll, shelter relieves.
Remember with fondness, days in the sun.
They do come again, when Summer’s begun.

Some small existences cannot understand,
this is not all, so hold my hand.
Be at peace, little one, every storm does pass,
this, and the next, until you see at last,

Vaulting blue skies, and white sky cotton.
Butterflies flutter by, until you’ve quite forgotten
the darkness of winter, the thrill of a storm,
and the loving teachers, who kept you safe and warm.


Day 6 — After the Storm

Distant wispy clouds scud patiently,
full of bluster and fluff.
Their linings are not always silver,
but sometimes gold, or simple blue.

The dark rolls in, a threat of yesterday’s repeat —
itself an exercise in glory, in courage,
in faith.

Today, though, is more sun than shadow,
more vapor veil than pelting hail.
Jape and laugh, point and shout.
There goes an airplane! All is right again.

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We are the Storm – Day 29

We will not be simplified
into five colors and a heart.
We are deeper than a painter’s plate.
Silent laughter is far off thunder
pressed behind my sternum,
straining to get out.
We know, the smile is meant for freedom,
not to be hidden behind our hands,
to sit and sour and sicken us.

We will not be deafened,
drowned out by the rain.
We are swifter than a flashy flood.
Blind trust is branching lightning,
after images dance behind my eyes,
blinking to fade away.
We know, the sight is meant for understanding,
not to be hidden behind our screens,
to drift and daze and dazzle us. 

We will not be forgotten,
by those who close their minds.
We are brighter than a rising star.
Careless joy is thrashing wind,
nudging me along from behind,
tripping to keep up.
We know, feet are meant for dancing,
not to be pressed into the floor,
sore and slipped up and still.


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Storm – Day 14

If you don’t mind, could we just breathe
close together for a minute?
Our little corner, now well rinsed,
steam drying, shiny, newly green.
New like limes, but weary, drooping,
glad to be over and still attached.
These who do not know yet,
the fury of winds lashing, thrashing,
raging late summer gale,
rip trees and roar downtown. Some,
torn away to land among
brittle fellows in the grass,
recall the miles gusted,
sigh for closeness, breathe at last.

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