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Day 27

Smear the points into all their colors, striations, streaks, and nebulae.
There you have it. Stars. Swirling endlessly, timelessly above.

In the broken branch one might see the rot, but the roots;
the roots dig in, stay firm. We won’t fall yet.

Silence is a pain only the lonely understand,
yet silence is bliss, which only the lonely crave.

If she was angry about the beginning, maybe
she’ll be angrier at the end, but we won’t know.

Not until it strikes. Would we withstand the wind?
Or fail at the roots, give up the ground, fall with a mighty

and resounding crash. But among stars, this tree in the forest
makes no sound. Not because there is no one to hear,

but because the heartbeat of a star, of a nebula,
lasts a million lifetimes. The light pulse of a super nova,

would not reach human eyes for millennia. Where would we be?
and in that grand scheme, what does it matter anyway?


Wow I got way behind this time didn’t I? Oops, oh well, I wrote a poem today and thought I’d share it. Inspired by scrolling Tumblr during a storm.


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Day 4 – Unfocused,

let the layers fall away,
through the world goes our gaze,
penetrating film and cell alike,
and to the onion say we, dry
your eyes lest candles ignite,
sudden through deep midnight.
Impossible diamonds cascade
and, though we grasp, dreams fade.


Never look at your phone in the middle of the night. Never. I had a dream, and the minute that screen blinded me, I forgot it. 😦


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Petals of the Acid Moon – Day 22

The moon tonight is sharp enough to burn,
prick and slice, a rosy scythe.
Sunsets bleed and fall soft like knives–
close your eyes, stars billow down,
thrown tidal winds crash, dream.
Away float moonbeams over broken waves–
tiny holes pierce the firmament,
rend and blaze, bloom and perish.


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Future Reference – Day 17

we break the glass,
spinning round stars uncharted.
Dive and boil, fly and burn.

we pass pictures through steam,
grinding lightning.
Catch and forget, release and regret.

we wash hands with sand,
laughing silently at cats.
Wait and need, write and bleed.

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