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Day 17 – Haiku dance

Hazy days blush once

sweet green breezes push petals

sway and dip, dance hands.

Today (April 17) is international haiku poetry day, so in honor of that I wrote this. Also, I’ll mention Robert E. Brewer’s blog. He always has recommendations for possible inspiration. So today he said to write about dancing. This is actually the first poem I’v written this month inspired by one of his prompts, though normally I get an idea right away. Anyway, here’s the link to his blog.

Poetic Asides


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Day 14

The laughter and smiles

of children upon the swings

resolves everything.

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Day 8 – Haiku

I keep waiting for inspiration
to strike like lightning,
ignite a fire in my fingers ,
dazzle us all with poetic brilliance…
But the saying “Practice makes perfect,”
is more true than some might admit.
And poetry is nothing if not
the soul’s search for perfection.
But the harder I try,
the further inspiration flies
from my fingertips,
my hands freeze mid-sentence.

Just the other day,
in fact, I tried a haiku,
and this is as far

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