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Days lost

Choices given, decisions made,
the bird attacks, plans are laid.
Drain the water, spray the ground,
seal the windows.

Stop trying to rhyme, that is my weakness.
My bane, too much pressure right now.
A day behind, until I catch up,
another day goes, two in a row.

What does anyone think about
in the little death of night?
The past, painful as it was,
the present, beautiful and true,
the future, unpredictable.

What does anyone think about,
in the zoning of the eyes,
in the track
of a hand on the seam?

What do you think?
It’s been a long day,
yet there’s nothing to say.
We’re all a bit more blue than before.

Is this how other people live?


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Sleepy – day 12

Even the wrinkles don’t slip all at once
People in chairs aren’t the same
As the ones who lose it slowly
One piece at a time.

My eyelashes weigh about one thousand pounds

I’ve got worlds on my shoulders




My speech – stumbles
my hands are clumzy,
I just want to lie down until the dawn
breaks lazily
into a river’s rushing flow,

For the 30 seconds I drop
into a state of deeply dreaming.

Written when I was very tired… That first part I practically wrote in my sleep, so don’t try to make any sense out of it. Anyway, I’m still quite exhausted, but totally up to writing 1000 words before I fall asleep on my desk…totally.

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