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Day 18 – Happy Birthday!

There she is, elegant as a queen,
lovely from the day she was born,
my mother knows how to celebrate!
It’s the 65th anniversary of the day
she came into the world.
No one believes her, in fact
I hardly believe it myself.

She’s got a megawatt smile,
a refined taste for fine wine,
and good food.
She loves light, laughter, and life.
She is as powerful a woman as
I have ever known;
as bold as she is humble,
as charming as she is caring,
a homebody and world traveler,
writer, dancer, singer,
and the absolute, no joke, best
Mother a girl could ask for.

A day late, but she does celebrate the whole month, and this is just one of her many gifts. Happy Birthday, mother dear!


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Happy – Day 18

Heads start,
tails tell,
what lovely golden light.

Finches like shards of sunshine
flit from perch to perch,
while bluebirds like brief bits of sky,
pluck and carry worms.

Though rain keep us indoors,
soggy and grey,
we stay joyous and cheerful.
It’s Momma’s birthday today!


Who has time to write when one’s mother requires birthday pampering? Sorry this is so late, but I’m counting it as day 18 because I’m still awake (mostly). It’s not as polished as I would like, but it’ll do. Enjoy!

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