Days 10 and 11

Day 10

Spiral into oblivion,
we’re all just echos in the void.
What matters to the mountains
is when those who shout
cause rocks to tremble and
avalanches to tumble.
Have you seen the window?
Do you see your reflection or
the other side?
Beware the breaking;
greener grass is meant to stay
perfect from afar is safer
where one cannot discern a blemish.


Day 11 


Droop and nod, drift and bob,

the exhaustion is strong in this one.

Can’t carry a conversation in a bucket.

The eyes stick and drag,

teh fingers miss and lag.

Her thoughts are like molasses,

her voice a raspy snore………………



It’s been a long day. I missed posting a poem yesterday, so you get two abstract, written-while-half-asleep poems for the price of one. Enjoy the nonsense.

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