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Poetry is hard, but fun – Day 30

Today, there’s an excess of
mashed potato clouds.
The curve of sky is smooth
stretching away like a cat
into a ray of sunshine.
This interrupted wall is –
like a shallow tidepool,
sand and shy coquinas hidden
between my toes. Alone
in a crowd is worse
By far
than alone with a book.
One is lonely,
the other lovely.
Collecting words, like seashells
takes time, and patience too.
Handing them back to the paper
drains like a leaky tub,
slowly and loudly,
all subtlety lost, no nonsense left
for melded metaphors or
soft similes.

I’m going to spend the next month just reading books and poetry. I’m all out of words and this poem proves it. Good thing it’s the end of the month, I’m tuckered out. Good job anyone who participated! Go us! This is always a fun month for reading good poetry and meeting cool people. I hope you’ve enjoyed my (rather lame) attempts at poetry. In other news, I won Camp NaNoWriMo!! Ended the month with about 32k words and a more cohesive story than I had before, which is reassuring. I think I’ll just leave this here….
Camp nanowrimo badge!

Have a lovely year, see you next April! 😀



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