Backyard voices – Day 26

What does the bumbling bee say?
“busy-busy-busy – Flower – busy-busy-busy…”

What does the quick chickadee say?
“I-am-free! Oh-but-won’t-you-watch-me!”

And the flitting tufted flirt, what does she sing?
“Who-are-we? Who-are-we!”

Little brown chipmunk chatters?

What does the line of black ants say, marching on their way?
“Follow-the-leader. Don’t-get-squashed.”

And a distant dove, sadly says to me?

But the wind in the trees, stirring the leaves, soothes
“Shush, hush…slow, easy, though you yearn,
have no worries, have no cares, rest…hush, shush…”

This poem is somewhat inspired by the Napo blog prompt to write a persona poem, and also inspired while catching up on my novel’s word count in the back yard. Isn’t it nice when poetry, prose, and nature work together like that? Enjoy 😀


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