Sea Bean – Day 25

What could a sea bean be?
If we could crack it open, what would we see?
But no, then we would know,
and there would no longer be the mystery.

What good is an answer, when the question is so much better?
What fun in simply knowing a thing, when the wondering,
the searching and daydreaming possibilities is by far more satisfying.
If the object is unknown, then it can be anything.

What if it’s from Australia, and holds within it
a bizarre and deadly spider?
What if it’s an alien ship filled with creatures the size of an ant
from a planet millions of light years away?
What if it contains an elixir that will grant eternal life
but only to those worthy to open it?
What if it’s the seed of an ancient primordial forest that, if planted,
would cover the earth in trees which could not be cut down?
What if it’s a dragon’s egg, or a phoenix’s ashes?
What if it’s the secret of death?
What if it’s the secret to love?

Ugh, the ending bothers me, but hey, there it is. Inspired by the Poetic Asides prompt to write an “across the sea” poem. Enjoy xD


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