Happy Earth Day – Day 22

Who needs nature anyway?
I have a book –
in fact I have about fifteen
books I need to read.
Don’t ask me why I don’t finish them,
something about procrastination and
perfection in a package all neat and
tidy with artfully frayed nerves the
bow on top. I would look out
a window, perhaps to see a tiny orange
butterfly flitting from flower to
bloom in the sunshine, but I’ve got stories
to write, my own nature to describe
inside, warm and comfortable,
with no buzzing bees or
wind in the trees, though perhaps
I’d like that, the occasional breeze.
I guess Earth Day is as good a day
as any to need nature anyway.
Maybe when this chapter is done
I’ll take one of my books and sit in the sun.

Didn’t actually do this today, but you know, tomorrow’s supposed to be nice too. Last minute poems are the most fun. It’s so exciting – will I remember to write one? Will I forget until one in the morning again? No one can say. Anyway, I didn’t bother with editing this much except for punctuation, so enjoy the weird flow and lame ending 😀


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