Crazy Weather – Day 20

The sky could not decide today,
whether it wanted to be clear or grey;
brilliant sunshine and thunder rolling
together in moments of awe.

Wind whipping trees about,
hail the size of a pea,
gutters overflowing,
sudden rivers across the yard,
and the sun shines gleefully.

But at once the sky darkens, ominous,
we duck inside to wait,
but no rain, no thunder, no wind,
no ice pelting the ground.
Just dark, calm, quiet,
while black clouds drift overhead.

And the sun is out again,
shiny and sparkling bright,
rain pours down, we stare and wonder
at the glory of sunny thunder.

What strange and exciting weather we’re having. Thought I’d write a weird poem about it. Enjoy xD


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  1. Maz

    Like it…. See my words at:

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