Courtesy of friends – Day 19

Promple, research,
orc, snowname…
What disparate pieces of a puzzle,
and yet these define my friends to a tea.

This happy nonsense we make together
Is more valuable, I believe
than all the learning in books and classrooms
we could ever achieve,

time well spent,
games well played,
ships well built,
plans well laid,

are the things I treasure most
in my heart and memories.
The little moments are most important,
though they seem the least of these.

Just a lame little poem inspired by my friends. I had not written anything all day, so I asked them for the first words that popped into their heads. I thought it was funny how different they are from each other, and yet all of them are friends with me.

For this last part of the month, I think i’d like to try to bring back the theme of “fine things”. Noticing the little, normally unremarkable things that make life good. We’ll see how that goes. Enjoy 🙂


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