Commentary – Day 18

My fingers tingle.
Funny, I don’t recall
falling asleep.
I’d say this was a daydream,
but all I see are small hours,
shown around by small hands.

In searching out the
tiny fine things,
have I lost sight of some
Bigger pictures? Or am I simply
putting together slowly
a multitude of jigsaw pieces
in this puzzle we call life?

Somewhere along the way
I looked over a rainbow
and forgot,
what joy there could be
in the crafting of a thing,
in making something well.

My hands are not
the only part of me which has
fallen asleep.
My heart beats slower with every
waking midnight minute
drowsy, lazy, blank and bored.

Don’t tell me it’s the chemistry.
My poor head would swoon and faint,
so long after nothing was said,
nothing got done.

My hands fall to the blank space,
my heart stirs the muse,
but my eyes drift and linger,
dream and, dreary, fade.
Can’t even see where one day
Begins and another

I know it’s late, but I had to do a good bit of soul searching to get to this point. Considering my current state of mood, I count the few decent lines in there an accomplishment. Anyway, it’s three-whatever in the morning and I don’t even know what I’m writing any more. Enjoy the nonsense 🙂


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