True Story – Day 9

One early summer’s day,
beneath a sky both blue and grey,
three friends and all their laughter
tried to outrun a storm.

They felt it coming, the wall of rain
in the souls of their sneakered feet.
“Come on,” said the tall one, “Let’s try to beat it.”
and they took off joyfully.

To their dismay, the leader of the group
called for them to stop.
They skidded, sighed, and ducked under a tree,
waiting for the wall to drop.

When the rain hit, despite their shelter,
it soaked them through their clothes.
It was cold and wet and miserable,
like being sprayed with a hose.

They darted and dashed from tree to tree,
furtive and frustrated, knowing
beyond a doubt, in their young hearts,
they could have outrun the rain.

I went for something pretty simple and fun today; a fond memory from summer camp. It was nice to try my hand at rhyming again, I’ve been neglecting that particular skill. Anyway, I know the ending is weird and doesn’t work yet, but enjoy! 🙂


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