Storytellers – Day 8

If you listen to the old toastmaster,
you’ll hear his days gone by,
when he handed out soap boxes,
and sipped wine from a shallow chalice.

Contrary to what you might think,
he was not actually a master in the
Art of toasting bread. Though he does enjoy,
on occasion, a lightly browned dinner roll.

My clients have led some interesting lives, and tell the best stories.

So I’ve pretty much determined that my poetry is going to be mostly lame and horrible this month, because I’m also attempting to write a novel, and poetry and prose just don’t mix for me. I have to either focus on one or the other to make anything remotely decent. However, this month is not about being “decent”, it’s about finishing what I set out to do. I’m going to write at least a thousand words a day, and I’m going to write a poem every day, no matter the quality. Hopefully I won’t go crazy in the process. Enjoy 😀



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2 responses to “Storytellers – Day 8

  1. LOL. As a former Toastmaster, I got a chuckle out of this one.

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