Good Night – Day 6

For some reason, I can’t write a poem about the morning
Perhaps I’m trying too hard, perhaps
I don’t know the morning-time well enough to write about it.
Being of the night owl kind, I haven’t seen a sunrise in years.
Better for me, I think, to write the wee hours,
the single digits, the silent dark of sleeplessness.
Yes, this is the time I know best, when the world is asleep.
I prowl the night, a shadow among shadows.
These small, quiet hours are my domain, my freedom..
I write, and laugh, and serenade the stars.
A good night to be alive, a good night to be an owl.

I’ve been trying to write a sunrise/morning poem all day (for the NaPo blog prompt), and it just wasn’t working. Finally, I just ranted about it, then turned that into a poem. Five minutes ago. I barely edited and it’s pretty lame, but believe me, it’s better than the sunrise poem. Enjoy 😀


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