Spark – Day 7

My toes resonate with the earth,
I’ve carried my fire too long.
I hide it in a pocket in my purse,
But I’d let you see it for a price.

My feet vibrate; blades of grass tickle them,
I’ve let my little flame go dim,
Concealed it behind my hand like a secret,
But I’d tell you what it is for a price.

My legs quiver and shake, rolling up the hill.
I’ve burned myself down to ash,
Buried myself like silver in the mountain,
But I’d show you the treasure for a price

My body aches to dance, to lift my lightning hands.
Let go the raging fire inside.
Discovered like a sleeping volcano,
I’d show you the spark, but it’ll cost us both.

I have no idea. Another strange five minute poem that would take me about a month to edit if it weren’t for NaPoWriMo. Also, by the way, I wrote about three thousand words on my novel today, so I’m a little bit out of it, and not really in a poetry mindset. Anyway, this is sort of inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender, and one of my friends once said I’d be a firebender (though I disagreed at the time). Enjoy ^_^



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3 responses to “Spark – Day 7

  1. There is something in this one–I’d keep working with it when you have more time. I love the first line “My toes resonate with the earth.” And congrats on the novel progress!!

  2. Mark

    It’s interesting that even though the poem as a whole resonates with firebending, the first line of the poem actually made me think of earthbending. If only because the earthbenders in Avatar: The Last Airbender did their earthbending barefoot. There are also numerous images of the earth: the hill, the mountain, the volcano, and even being buried.

    The poem as a whole also made me think of the parable about hiding ones light under a bushel.

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