Folly – Day 1

Sad April.
More people lie and laugh today
than on any other day of the year,
I’m getting a tattoo. Haha just kidding
but seriously. Who can you trust?

Poor April.
When I was younger than I am today, I knew someone
whose birthday was on this day.
Their mother had told their father, but he just laughed
until there was water on the floor.

Foolish April.
Nothing changes when people stay people,
instead of the movie extras you hoped they’d be.
Do you obscure your sorrow by candlelight?
Close your eyes until it doesn’t exist anymore.

A bit melancholy for the first day, but they’ll get more cheerful further into the month. Speaking of…welcome to NaPoWriMo! I’m pretty excited for this month, because it’s not just National poetry month, it’s also Camp Nanowrimo, and I have a goal to write 30k words and maybe finish my novel by the 30th. So I’m gonna be doing a lot of writing, and I’m very happy about that. It seems to me that I write more when I have given myself a challenge and am participating in it with a bunch of other people. It’s more fun that way than when I feel like I’m writing alone. Anyway, happy writing and wish me luck!



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5 responses to “Folly – Day 1

  1. My instant thought, when I read the second verse, was if the baby is a girl, PLEASE do not name her April.

  2. Maz

    Liked your poem for the beginning of April. I also work better with constraint and challenge . Read my blog and see what you think: And if you like it please share it and I will do yours. That way we both get more readers.

  3. “…..when I was younger than I am today…..” love that line! Love the bookbindings on your header photo too. Love the power of words….and finding a community to share that with.
    Thanks for following my blog! Hope you’ll glance at the About — I used to always tell my children “Use your words” when they were in their twos and threes and fours — and here I am, 67, following that moniker!
    Have a great day!

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