Today is the perfect day for collecting stars.
Why is that, you ask? Because it’s a Tuesday.

A friend of mine, Ben
(he’s a little cracked),
he likes to collect them from the sky,
but that’s crazy dangerous.
I am sensible. I gather them
from the bottom of a well while
the moon is still asleep.

You can join us, if you only take
blue stars from the green glass lake.
However, if you crave thrill as well,
and don’t dare seek sunbeams during daytime,
then you may accompany Ben. But beware,
there’s a crack in the dashboard,
if you don’t fill it with mountain dew,
star-matter might leak in.

I am sensible. I never forget
droppers of dew when
I go exploring night skies.
Ben likes to catch stray star-matter
in a spittoon and let the crack
leak silvery dust over the floor.
But only today, which is a Tuesday.

We have no limits, for we have gone beyond the sky.
Our stars know when we have missed the moon,
and so we keep them closer by. Ben,
(who as I have said is a little crazy)
believes in releasing stars from his jars
after he has kept them only a night
back into new space so they don’t die.

I try to tell him, stars are only distant
cousins to the fireflies.
Fireflies are a little more literate, after all
jars of them have illuminated summer reading
books for generations, following along eagerly
till their lights fade, and return to the night,
scatter into stardust,  and land like
sleep sand in the dewy morning.

But not on Tuesday. On Tuesday, Ben and I
collect expired firefly light, since that is best
for luring stars into our eyes. We know
it’s crazy dangerous, but what have we to lose?
We have already lost our minds.



This was inspired by an adorable picture of Benny from the Lego movie walking along picking stars like flowers, with the caption, “On Tuesdays, Benny collects stars”. I can’t find the picture now to actually reference it, but if I do, I’ll put a link to the artist, whose art in general was awesome. For some reason, that picture just sort of struck me and i came up with this weird poem that’s still not quite right, but I’m posting it anyway because it’s Tuesday.

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