Last – Day 30

Fresh spring waters bubble up,
leap from the earth, swirl and boil
down to rivers raging and deep calm lakes.
These are waters I have explored before,
yet new curiosities lurk beneath murky depths,
catch at my ankles, nibble my toes.
I discover them nervously, tentative.
It’s dark inside, deep and wild
like a strong current beneath the
Rock, and though my descent is gradual,
watch for my bubbles to rise. I drown
eyes open, hands reaching, I am not
merely sleeping. But don’t save me, oh no.

This is just the beginning. The moment
when my lungs are bursting, I will gasp
water through new gills, my feet fusing into
finned flanges, my hands into paddles.
And I am a maiden of the waves, I swim
effortlessly, though there stalk challenges from the
dark, I am slipperier than a fish. I dart and
flash, leap with west winds, dance with wavering
moonlight, here I am, don’t fish in my pond, I’ll
tug you in with me, and play with you till you
drown in my depths, beware, I am malicious,
I am the lurking curiosity, the lounging
muse upon a sun-warmed stone, who would
kiss you as soon as kill you. Tempt me with
a story song, and I might recite for you.
But be warned, I am fickle, flighty as a wind-tossed
wave. So fare thee well and do not splash
lightly the waters warm, lest a maiden’s alluring
melody snare you, and drag you under. 



I have no intention to stop after this month is finished. I won’t post every day, but whenever the inspiration strikes. I may also branch out to posting other things like recipes or short stories. I’m not generally an active blogger except in April, but that could change. Anyway, this month has been fun, reading all the wonderful poetry and finding interesting blogs and people. Can’t wait for next year’s International poetry month!


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2 responses to “Last – Day 30

  1. Oooh, recipes maybe??

  2. Yep, I’m a semi-vegetarian (for health reasons) and I’ve learned a few different methods for substituting ingredients, getting complete proteins in a meal, etc. so I figured I could share some of those.

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