We are the Storm – Day 29

We will not be simplified
into five colors and a heart.
We are deeper than a painter’s plate.
Silent laughter is far off thunder
pressed behind my sternum,
straining to get out.
We know, the smile is meant for freedom,
not to be hidden behind our hands,
to sit and sour and sicken us.

We will not be deafened,
drowned out by the rain.
We are swifter than a flashy flood.
Blind trust is branching lightning,
after images dance behind my eyes,
blinking to fade away.
We know, the sight is meant for understanding,
not to be hidden behind our screens,
to drift and daze and dazzle us. 

We will not be forgotten,
by those who close their minds.
We are brighter than a rising star.
Careless joy is thrashing wind,
nudging me along from behind,
tripping to keep up.
We know, feet are meant for dancing,
not to be pressed into the floor,
sore and slipped up and still.



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2 responses to “We are the Storm – Day 29

  1. Wow, this is fabulous writing–the imagery sings, and carries the reader along–fabulous.

  2. Wow really? Thank you 😀

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