Spiders in Space – Day 24

Having recently realized
how woefully limited
I am in poetic form,
with my crowded words and lines,

I decided to do one of those spacey poems,

With lots of






The ears…

Sounding less like greens and peas with a lemon squeeze,

more like five dry beans in an empty pail,

and addressed to the brief little spider who finds himself

Quite suddenly dead
lines of
I’m sorry, but I’m as uncomfortable with you as I am

With empty space between my lines.
I want to squash both flat and together
in neat little stanzas smeared
into the carpet.


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2 responses to “Spiders in Space – Day 24

  1. Oh my goodness–what is a reader to do with this? I love it, and it made me laugh–but I’m not sure that’s the appropriate response….

  2. Lol that’s absolutely the appropriate response, to do with it whatever you feel.

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