Slightly Facetious – Day 21

Ears ring, fingers tingle,
I feel the urge to write,
familiar like an old friend,
painful as a broken habit.
The sounds feel strange,
the words won’t arrange.

I begin to see things
in new-mint penny ways.
Things I ceased to see
hundreds of times,
now have depths of meaning
beyond definition,
beyond application.

I recall with some trepidation
the intensity of my words,
the terrifying flow.
To dive in to the rushing waters
or take it one drop at a time?

Inspiration bombards me,
every motion, every phrase full of
double meanings, triple meanings
push at my patience, tell me
get away, write it down
you’ll lose it, don’t forget!
But I hesitate, deny the words
finish the task, ignore the itch.

I could write my fingers sore and inky,
leaving everything else undone,
but responsibility nags at me,
have to eat, have to sleep,
have to dress, have to speak.

And so I find some balance
in a little pocket pad.
Between macaroni and bedtime,
and right after those
stirring conversations,
I jot my thoughts and wonderings
in hasty chicken scratch,
and later spin them into nonsense,
for all the void to see.


The endings always bother me, but then they always take the longest to polish. Somewhat inspired by Robert Lee Brewer’s “Back to Basics” prompt ( I barely wrote anything (worth reading) this past winter, and in many ways it was intimidating to get back into the habit of writing something every day. But now that I am back in the habit, that’s all I want to do, and I sometimes forget to do other essential things, like eat… 


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  1. I love the line, “Between macaroni and bedtime”–I usually forget to eat and sleep too, well maybe not “forget”, just dawdle…

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