Rancorous Pudding – Day 15

Momma said “Rancorous Pudding”
would never be as sweet as “Lullaby”,
I wanted to disagree, but I suspected
she might be right.

Courtesy of my other halves,
this poem is for you.
Where I am, grey winds chill us,
yesterday, it rained fish and frogs.

I suspect one of you is hot,
and one of you is hungry.
I myself am cold and can’t eat anything
besides carrots and squash.

Sometimes, the gaps are obvious,
I don’t even need the knife,
but most times liquid color runs,
fills them, dries them tight.

I miss you like mascots miss their teams,
Like trees in winter miss their leaves,
Like an actress missing her cue,
Like the sky misses its blue.

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One response to “Rancorous Pudding – Day 15

  1. Wonderful poem–sad, but with some slightly humorous lines. I like it.

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