Lullaby – Day 13

Goodnight baby,
close those sky blue eyes.
You’ve had a busy day indeed,
creating explosions from buckets of toys,
making masterpieces with markers.

Even for you, baby,
lucky enough to get naps,
this day has been long,
a parade of unfamiliar faces
telling you how very
beautiful you are.

Mommy tells you right from wrong,
yes from no,
good from bad.
But baby just wants to play,
wants to stay
wants her way.

She’s tired and ready
to drift off to sleep,
thumb in her mouth
socks on her feet.
So dream, pretty baby,
of tutus and cars,
of baby dolls and number blocks,
counting songs and stars.

In the morning you’ll be off again,
running in squeaky shoes,
but for now, you just sleep baby girl,
with God’s angels protecting you.


Wrote this for a friend’s little girl, who I was baby-sitting today.



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3 responses to “Lullaby – Day 13

  1. Taylor

    lovely indeed! we are so blessed to have you in our lives. thank you for loving my little girl:) we love you!!

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