Frustration – Day 10

Slap me with a fish,
I’ll cut it in.
The deal’s five grains of rice,
cheese toast, and dewy blue sky
distributed liberally to
Nora’s sultry tones.

I would say I’ve woken to Spring,
that the flowers gracing
every street and lawn
fill me with poetic joy,
but I’m too hungry to speak.
I watch fish swim and read.

I know, I know, tomorrow
is another day, and all the brighter
for shining at the end of a tunnel.
Unless, of course it’s that dragon we’ve all
been wondering about since the
Dark ages shut its doors.

Anyone know a modern hero?
Do you think a team of firemen
could douse its flame?
They have sirens enough,
and a faithful speckled mascot
to wrestle with its tail.

But no matter, dragons and tomorrows
both, I suspect, come and go as they please.
All we can do is roll over under skies
strewn with compliments of Spring,
making fish a feast and betting
that delight next inspires this writer to write.


Inspired by Nora Jones and by Robert Lee Brewer’s prompt today ( Sorry about the end, I wish I had about a month to work on it, but there it is.

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