Nouns, Colors, and Verbs out my Window

Trembling by the rain-black road –
white popcorn blooms jump and dive
as damp silver vans speed past.

Water in the fire pit stills after a breeze –
it shattered into wavering pieces the trees,
rippling beneath kisses of fallen leaves.

Birdbath, blue, is empty –
with a startle of feathers cardinal, red, complains,
departing into skies, grey with held rains.

Deep green spade leaves bob on their vines –
the ambitious squirrel rustles among them.
Death defying is the family business.

To dance with the dogwood –
one must listen to the wind,
learn freedom of mind, and looseness of limb.



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2 responses to “Nouns, Colors, and Verbs out my Window

  1. Oh, well done–much better use of the prompt than I managed.

  2. Thanks, I felt like i was just throwing what i saw at the page, hoping it would stick. I thought yours was awesome though, made me feel stuff. ^_^

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