Spring clean

We find many things
during our spring cleaning;
clothes that we will never wear,
food that we would never share.

In unearthing old appliances
we ask, should we be trying this?
It might short out, it might explode!
All we wanted was to lighten the load.

Overstuffed drawers we can’t get closed
need eventual emptying, but where to put those
extra things we can’t throw away,
miscellaneous junk we want to save.

Sentimentality will bury us deep.
This could be useful, this we keep
for the one day a year we might use it,
if we remember, and if we don’t lose it.


So today I decided to return to my Spring theme, instead of the sad/strange thoughts of yesterday. I used a prompt from Robert Lee Brewer’s blog on Writer’s Digest. His prompt was to write about discovering something.


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